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The 100 Most Influential Designers of Home Furnishings in America

New York, New York
Focus: Furniture, lighting, and home accessories
Carole Gratale, president

Background: Carole Gratale drew on her frequent visits to Paris flea markets and galleries to create her collection of French-inspired 1940s-era metal furniture and accessories. Her signature collection includes the best of Diego Giacometti’s bronze furniture. (Pieces from this collection were used to decorate the plush Manhattan apartment of Mel Gibson’s character in the film Ransom.) Designers Gratale has worked with include Larry Laslo, Geoffrey Bradfield, Celeste Cooper, and the late Jed Johnson. Gratale has an ongoing relationship with Bergdorf Goodman to create fixtures in several of its departments; and she provided furnishings and accessories for the flagship headquarters of Takashimaya. Her other clients include Revillon and Caesar’s in Atlantic City.

Moving Forward: Gratale will empasize new contemporary lighting in her collection as well as focus on clean, minimal lines as an overall design scheme.